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What is your process?

After our initial phone conversation, we will set up an appointment to come and check out the project site (unless not necessary). After the appointment we will take the info back to get an estimate started, this will be a free estimated low-high budget number. Quotes can take 2-6 weeks to get turned around, depending on size of project. 

Once the budget numbers are delivered and you decide to move forward with us, a 2% design fee of the low end budget numbers with be required as a downpayment towards your final bill. This will cover our time and efforts to dial in an exact estimate price for you. 

When you approve the final estimate, we will get a signed contract and 60% down payment to get material ordered and your project onto the schedule. 

What does your schedule look like?

For initial quote appointments, we average booking out 2-4 weeks. 

For a projects start date, this is dependent on multiple things. Spring and Fall seems to fill up the fastest. What's most important is giving yourself ample time to invest in your project properly. From the first appointment, to signing, to starting - there are a lot of steps to finish before work can begin and so it is never too early to start the process!

What is the payment process?

Once you decide to move forward with us, 60% down is required to schedule your project into our books. Half way through the job, 30% of the bill is due. Finally when the job is complete the remaining 10% will be due. 

Do you use subcontractors?

Yes. We utilize our own in house crew as much as possible, but almost always need a trade specialist to complete the job to the best quality finish. We have a select group of subcontractors that we trust and like to use for (but not limited to) electrical, plumbing, HVAC, concrete/foundations, drywall, etc.

A subcontractor is a professional in the one area that we hire them for, they are masters at their skill and we accept nothing but the best from our subs! 

Can I order my own material?

No. Michigan's warranty law states that we as contractors must warranty our work for 1 year, because of this, we are very selective on choosing quality material. Also, material greatly affects our scheduling, therefore we need to be in control as we will have multiple jobs going on and working within each other. 

Certain material can only be used in certain places, some is required by code. That being said - if you are hiring a professional to complete work in your home, they should always be ordering the material. 

(some exceptions may apply)

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We warranty our work for up to 1 year to the date of completion. 

Do you have preferred vendors?

Yes. We have built strong relationships with our vendors that are specialized and offer professional grade materials.  

Will you help me with design?

Of course! We have a trained eye for layout, material, colors, and textures that do and do not mix. We will work with you to achieve just the look you are going for. You will have final say in what materials you use, but we will never hold back from steering you away from a poor choice in design. 

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