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Before and After: Bringing 1960 to 2016

There are two types of people when it comes to homeowners.

There are the people that want to buy brand new, or build their own new home. The thought of remodeling doesn't exist in their mind.

Then there are the people that find the most run down and/or outdated house on the block and just see a tunnel vision of potential.

You will find out quickly in this blog that our customers for this project could definitely see the potential this 1960s house held within it's walls. While I'm sure at one time this home was very classy and modern, the style has changed quite drastically over the 56 years of this homes existence, and it needed a makeover.

That's where we come in. We were given the awesome opportunity to completely gut and remodel the first level of this home, so that's just what we did :)

Let's start on the exterior...

So in this before and after you will see that we painted the brick, buffed up the front porch columns, replaced the front doors and the windows as well.

The black windows are such a sleek contrast to the white exterior color, we really love this look!

You will probably start to see more colored window frames in this next year as the trend seems to be catching on quite rapidly in our industry.

A close up view of the new front door and columns.

Another exterior before and after, this time of the back of the home.

Here is the stunning laundry/mudroom, with ample storage and folding space, as well as an abundance of natural light.

Just look at this amazing kitchen! We can't get over the warm inviting feel it gives off while also being so modern and chic. And I'm betting you want to see the before and afters of this masterpiece...

Ta-Da!! The kitchen's makeover was definitely one to be documented. And as a matter of fact, the previous "kitchen" was actually just a dining room area.

Let's just take a moment of silence for this farmhouse sink...

Entry hall before and after

If you look closely in this room and the entry hall, you will notice that the trim work was all kept original which was pretty neat! It's always cool to be able to keep some of the original home within the remodel.

This is one of our favorite comparison photos because the change is SO major. That pre existing red room was just way intense and definitely dated itself. The new tub room is so elegant and timeless.

This master bathroom is found on the other side of the tub room in the previous photo. Just like the rest of the home, it pulls modern and cozy in together so well.

Details, details, details! From the lovely counter top, to the beautiful stone shower floor, this master bath is so crisp and clean feeling.

Guys I'll be honest here, I was slightly sad to see the green stripped wallpaper go.

It was actually fuzzy, what?! Why don't they make velvet wallpaper anymore.. and if they do, why haven't I been informed?? But looking at that after photo, I can see why the homeowners did away with the soft furry green walls, the outcome is great!

Okay! So there you have it, one of our largest and grandest remodels to date. It sure is satisfying when you compare the before and afters and remember the blood, sweat, and.. (not tears because our crews are made up of tough manly men) that we put into this project. Building a home as well as relationships with the clients is just one of the many blessings of this industry!

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