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How To - Prepping Trim for Small Repair

Hey there! Welcome to our first "How To" blog. As you have probably assumed by reading the title, we will be learning how to properly prep trim for a repair.

In this tutorial we will take you step by step through the process of preparing trim for a window repair in this case.

Let's start with the supplies:

1. We are using BEHR i100 Pro Semi-Gloss White Base Paint.

That will change with each different homeowners preference.

2. Screw driver

3. Towel/Rag

4. Fine grit sandpaper

5. Small paint roller and we used a 1/4 inch nap

6. Saw horses to lay trim across (or anything else sufficient that you have)


Now that you have all your supplies ready...

Begin by lying the trim pieces out for easy painting of the front face, top, and bottom. No need to worry about painting the back. Our trim was bought pre primed as you can see so we gave it a quick wipe down to rid of any dust or debris and got to painting.


Here is a photo with the roller that we used. Make sure to get it soaked up with paint, we don't need to skimp out because our trim has crevices that we want to make sure paint gets down into. We did not end up using the brush, but it was there and handy just in the case that we needed it.


Now that the paint is applied in a nice even coat, we can place a fan on these and let the first coat dry.


We took our painting tools and made sure to soak them in paint to keep them from drying out. Then we wrapped the whole paint tray and brush/roller in a trash bag to keep them wet until we come back for the second coat. You'll want to make sure to get out as much air as possible. Now you can kick your feet up and watch the paint dry!


So now that the first coat is dry, we came back with our fine grit sand paper and sanded our nice new paint job! (kind of contradictory, I know)

This is just to slightly scuff up the paint so the next coat sticks better, so this is helping you in the long run (see, we're here to help you!) Also this will get any fuzzies/bumps off the surface from the first coat.

After sanding, be sure to take your clean rag or towel and just wipe down the three sides from any dust.

Repeat the painting process like before, and watch it dry some more! If necessary you can repeat for a third coat (we did) but that's up to you and how thick/even your paint was applied the previous times.

Walla! There you have it, some beautifully painted trim ready to be installed into your home.

Thanks for following along on our How To - prep trim for a repair...

Stay tuned for more How To's in the future!

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