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Latest Work: Composite Porches

We've been building so many decks and porches with composite material lately, and for good reasons too. Check out this stunning front porch we have just completed in Perry.

If you have been considering a new deck or porch, here are a few pros for using composite decking:

-Composite decking is very durable. It is created for maximum wear- including fade, scratch, stain, and mold resistance. It will not crack, rot, or warp like regular lumber will.

-Composite decking is very low maintenance. With no sanding, staining, or painting necessary.

-Also, composite decking comes in a large variety of colors, where lumber color is more limited. It gives the customer wider options to choose form when accenting the home which is always a plus!

-Composite is also overall helpful with saving the environment as well. It is made of mostly recycled materials and in return allows for less trees being cut.

Although composite decking does come at a bit of a higher price up front, thinking long term it's a great investment for all the benefits that come with it. It seems to be taking over the market, with our clients at least!

We also built the overhanging roof that you see here. It really updated the look of this house!

Love the final look of this porch.

The roof, railing, and decking color tie in really well together with the home.

See you next time!

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